Marcus Hiles is Building the Best of Texas: Luxury Apartments and Custom Homes

For years, the people of Texas and the rest of the country were searching for a different type of life. They were tired of traditional condominiums and single family homes. Many of the older developments were located far away from essential amenities yet still required outrageous prices. This all changed in 2004.

In 2004, with a lot of hard work and dedication, Marcus Hiles founded Western Rim Properties. Connect with Marcus Hiles on Linkedin to find out all about his vision for Texas: To provide the highest quality homes in the best locations with the best amenities at the lowest possible price. Over a decade later, Marcus Hiles and Western Rim Properties have succeeded in providing a better future for families in Texas while building a multi-billion dollar portfolio that contains tens of thousands of residential units.

The Future is Bright for Future Homeowners in Texas

Those who live in Texas can look forward to a bright future, especially if that future includes buying their dream home. For the last decade, Marcus Hiles and Western Rim Properties have been slowly expanding into all areas of the state, providing a better alternative to mainstream properties that are on the market. This means that homebuyers could finally end their search for a home with better amenities because Marcus Hiles had answered the call.

As the Chairman of Western Rim and Mansions Custom Homes, Marcus Hiles has the ability to change the lives of so many people in his home state and across the country. Thousands of prospective homebuyers will continue to flock to custom homes and apartments built by Marcus Hiles for years to come because they know he truly cares for their well-being and comfort level, and that they’ll get the most value for the least amount of money.

A Successful Real Estate Career for Marcus Hiles: Giving Back to his Community

Marcus Hiles truly believes that every hardworking American deserves the best in life. He also believes that, like himself, the wealthiest Americans have a responsibility to take care of those who are much less fortunate.

One of the biggest parts of his successful real estate career is philanthropy. Every year, Marcus Hiles gives millions of dollars to a variety of non-profit organizations within the community. From inner-city schools to organizations that help domestic violence victims, numerous people benefits from the charitable donations of Marcus Hiles, true philanthropic and business leader.

Developing a Future for Texas: Marcus Hiles

For Marcus Hiles a property developer, the journey to success began before he entered college. He had always maintained an interest in real estate and had surrounded himself with individuals with similar interests.

Once Marcus Hiles entered college, he focused his studies on business, investing and real estate development. He was able to make the right connections with powerful people in the real estate industry in order to prepare himself for a career in property development.

2004: The Beginning of His Real Estate Evolution

While Marcus had a keen interest in real estate for years, it wasn’t until 2004 that he was actually able to realize his dream.

A major turning point in Marcus’ life occurred in 2004 because he founded Western Rim Properties, a real estate development and management firm that would eventually change his life forever. Through his new company, Marcus was able to begin his real estate evolution.

Through his new company, Marcus Hiles has turned his vision of a better life for Texas into reality. With a portfolio of over 10,000 different residential units under its management, Western Rim Properties has helped improve the lives of countless families and individuals living within their communities.

Marcus provides a variety of amenities to those who live in developments he manages. Over the course of a decade, Marcus has invested heavily in recreational facilities, medical and dental offices, hair salons, fitness clubs, pools, playgrounds, walking paths and more. To ensure maximum enjoyment and convenience, many of his properties are located near golf courses and within some of the best zip codes in the state.

Continued Development for Years to Come

While Marcus Hiles a property developer has experienced great success in Texas, he is currently planning on expanding his business interests.

Western Rim Properties has the resources it needs to continue the development of residential communities across the country. While he has spent most of his time within the state of Texas, Marcus Hiles has a dream of expanding his development to other areas of the United States. Marcus believes that his vision of prime residential units built in prime zip codes combined with superior amenities have the potential to attract thousands of new consumers each year.

The properties of Marcus Hiles will not only provide a superior lifestyle for countless people across the country, but they will also be able to afford this type of lifestyle without struggling to pay the bills every month.

Western Rim Property Services: The Towers of Seabrook

This is an exceptional community, inspired by the ultra-modern designs of uptown Houston and surrounded by breathtaking views of the bay area. The Towers of Seabrook was developed by Western Rim Property to create a unique living experience, a home like no other. There are exciting attractions around every corner. There are resort style amenities right outside your door.

Choose to make Seabrook your home, you’ll be minutes away from bay and all it has to offer. Seabrook is home to the third largest marina in the United States. It is perfectly situated between the relaxing waters of Galverston Bay and the thrills of Kemah Boardwalk.western rim property services

Your home within the Towers of Seabrook has been designed to the highest standards, utilising the gorgeous views surrounding it. Marcus Hiles the founder of Western Rim Property Services says that the goal is to provide a higher level of living. This includes high end appliances and sophisticated, modern styling. Your life will be very comfortable and possible. Get involved, visit the Towers of Seabrooks and reserve your place in the community.

Marcus Hiles the founder of Western Rim Property Services and affiliate Newport Classic Homes has clearly defined the principles that guide the organisations. They provide the best housing in the best locations at the lowest possible cost. They create a great working environment. Respecting each other is paramount and embracing diversity is very important. They continually apply the highest standards with regards to construction, purchasing and customer service. It is hugely important to create happy excited customers who are always satisfied. The environment is very important and contributing positively is highly regarded. Always important to work with neighbours on improving the surroundings. Valuing profitability is another key philosophy which has helped company find success. View western rim property services video on vimeo

Western Rims Properties: Opening of Mansions of Rockwell

In 2010 in Rockwell, Texas, members of the Rockwell Chamber of Commerce were present for a ribbon cutting ceremony. They were there to celebrate the grand opening of The Mansions of Rockwell Luxury Rental Townhomes and the Belfiore Salon Day Spa. This was a great day for all involved with music entertainment, hors d’oeuvres, drinks available.

At this event some people were fortunate to win free salon and spa services, fitness center memberships personal training sessions, retail baskets and even teeth whitening services.

Guests were invited to tour the Mansions of Rockwell Clubhouse which features the Belfiore Salon & Day Spa. It includes a 3500 square foot California Health Club. A massive Jacuzzi, dry sauna, steam room, internet café and separate hair with nail salons. The 24 hour California Health Club is stocked with top of the line exercise equipment. A full weights room and personal trainers at your service.

In the spa area there are an extensive array of services including massage therapy, facials, SottoPelle all natural hormone replacement therapy, SottoLingua weight-loss program, Botox, cosmetic teeth whitening services and more. It also includes laser hair removal, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, IPL Skin rejuvenation & Vaser Lipo.

Belfiore Salon and Day Spa is the premier spa in Rockwell County. It serves as an on-site resort destination for residents of the Mansions of Rockwell. It is managed by Western Rim Property Services. Residents of the Mansion receive a membership along with the exclusive privilege of priority reservations to the salon and spa.

The Mansions of Rockwell Luxury Rental Townhouses feature lavish, resort style living and comes with a Grand European Spa Clubhouse, Large Swimming pool, beach volleyball courts, jogging trails and a central park.

Western Rim Properties: Finest Amenities and Golf Courses

Western Rim Properties has a reputation for creating some of the finest residences in Texas. In addition they develop some of the most desirable communities in the region with only the best attractions on offer. All communities are placed in the best locations with the highest performing schools. Its common to find communities nearby signature championship golf courses such as the TPC San Antonio. This course is part of the JW Marriott Spa and Resort.

If you want to play the top courses designed by Pete Dye, Greg Norman and Lee Travino then come and live in Western Rim residence. There are golf privileges on offer at many of the Mansions brand properties.

marcus hiles

Many of the communities are situated in amazing locations with outstanding vistas of the surrounding areas. Many of the properties front onto lakes, state forests, community parks and jogging trails. There are always trees for shade but also lifestyle amenities on site such as Starbucks cafes, 24 hour gyms, infinity swimming pools, business hubs, WIFI lounges and massage therapists. The development is often close to city attractions and conveniences. World class restaurants, shopping centers, bars, baseball stadiums and performing art centers are often a short drive or walk away.

All of these benefits are provided and at about half the price of the equivalent inner city apartment. To ensure that Western Rim stay true to their mission and residents they follow the following principles. They provide a great work environment and treat each other with respect and dignity. They embrace diversity as a way of life. They apply the highest standards to construction, purchasing and customer service. Focused on creating excited, happy and satisfied customers. They contribute to the surrounding environments and realize that profitability is required for future and current success.

Western Rim Properties: Charitable Donations.

Marcus Hiles, the founder of Western Rim Properties, has an honourable background of giving to deserving charities. His substantial charitable work has been focused on the following areas.

marcus hiles

Western Rim Properties has rehabilitated and improved parkland wildlife areas and then given them to the general public to experience. These donations are valued to be worth over US$4million.

In addition, Hiles has paid for the construction of two two churches, with a third one on the way. He has contributed towards the creation of K12 education grants, both public and private. He has supported career services and job placement at a national private university.

Marcus Hiles has provided annual funding for nearly 20 years for disadvantaged women’s programs, total donations over US$600,000.  He has donated over US$250,000 towards inner city school programs as paying $100,000 for new computers for inner city children. Marcus gave US$30,000 to a children’s hospital in North Texas. US$100,000 was given for music and symphony programs.

Most of these gifts were anonymous and not declared as charitable donations. Few tax deductions were taken although this would have been permitted under IRS rules.

Western Rim Properties: The Towers by the Park

The Towers by the Park located in Frisco, Texas, is a fabulous community experience which is modern and luxurious. The community is completely designed around your requirements. These apartments include everything from 150 foot resort style pool and tanning deck. It also includes a state of the art fitness center and Starbucks WIFI lounge and coffee bar.

Every detail has been considered in the design of these luxury apartments. Completely fitted with modern and stylish features, including solid granite kitchen counter tops, pendant lighting, stainless steel appliances and rainwater shower heads. All these features completely maximise your comfort and create a day to day experience like no other.

marcusd hiles

These apartments are desirable and perfect for you if you’re seeking luxury in the heart of Frisco, Texas.When considering luxurious properties such as this its not hard to appreciate why Western Rims Properties was ranked #3 by Satisfacts in the “Top 5” company score out of many hundreds of firms reviewed. Western Rim was named as a national award winner in 2012 and 2013.

Western Rim Properties: Company Philosophy

It is critical to founder Marcus Hiles that his companies stay true to their missions and residents. In order to achieve this he created these steadfast principles to guide their decisions.

Providing the finest housing choices in the best locations at the lowest possible cost. Providing a great work environment where everyone is treated with respect and dignity. Diversity is embraced as a way of life. Only the highest standards are applied for construction, purchasing and customer service. The goal is to have excited, happy and totally satisfied customers. Contributing positively to the neighbors environment. Profitability is valued as an essential requirement for current and future success.

All apartments are designed with absolute respect for energy conservation and for the environment. Apartments have additional weather stripping, reflective TechShield sheathing in the attic, dual pane low-e windows and state of the art cellulose sound insulation and roof insulation that exceeds R100 depth. Air conditioners with programmable thermostats allow customers to use 30% less energy. Concrete streets are poured which reduce the use of oil based products such as asphalt.

The standards of Western Rim Properties exceed others in the industry to ensure comfort in extreme weather conditions. Conserving natural resources is an important goal for the company and this is achieved through continuous community efforts, training staff and other recycling programs.

Marcus Hiles and Western Rim Properties donate fully improved park land to the general public. They also plant trees at a greater rate than any government development requirement. Trees beautify, reduce the temperature of the earth and break down pollutants. They also provide oxygen for the air we breathe. Marcus’s goal is to increase the average tree canopy rate from pre-developed state company wide. Hiles planted 3153 trees last year and over a decade will approach 25000 trees in suburban Texas.

Check out Western Rim Properties to see the amazing lifestyle choices

Want to escape the mundane? Looking for a change, check out Western Rim Properties to see the amazing lifestyle choices on offer. Let your imagination run wild, indulge yourself and discover pure luxury. Some of the amazing homes on offer are The Grand Estates of McKinney. These exquisite apartments are located just 30 miles north of Dallas. This place is a 30.5 acre apartment community complete with two story Mediterranean Style town homes. You can have access to multiple clubhouses, community swimming pool, 24 hour health club, WIFI lounge and a state of the art business center. This place has a historic downtown with its tree lined neighborhood and its restored 19th century houses. You’ll find a vibrant community here with over a 100 shops, boutiques and art galleries.


Need to stay close to the energy of downtown Austin? Yes, then this place is definitely for you. Mansions at Lake line in Austin. Right there with hundreds of new restaurants, shops and nightlife. The lone star capital is a mecca of art and culture. The interiors of these apartments is immaculate with hardwood floors, granite counter tops, vaulted ceilings and nice big entrances to welcome you home. Marcus D Hiles the CEO of Western Rim Properties has done a great job of developing different apartment residences to cater for all tastes.

You like golf yes? Then take a look at The Mansions at Woodbridge in Sachse. This place is sure to delight, as it is located near the Woodbridge Championship Golf master planned community. This place provides the experience of resort style living with the excitement of the Dallas Metroplex. The clubhouse is stately and when you choose to live here you will be surrounded by natural beauty.

Marcus Hiles, founder, CEO of Western Rim Properties the man behind the creation of these amazing dream homes has had a clear vision right from the beginning. Make luxury and elegant lifestyle homes attainable and affordable for his customers.