Western Rim Property Services on their way to expansion

After holding more than 7500 properties and homeowner’s association in his reign, the owner of Western Rim Property Services, Marcus Hiles, is on his way to a massive expansion of his real estate empire. A businessman by mind and a humanitarian by heart, Marcus Hiles always believed that luxury homes at affordable rates are the key to a successful business and a huge base of happy customers.

Raised in a working class family, Marcus Hiles had the fair idea of what a middle class family looks for in their dream home. These ideas inspired him to keep the demands of the community on top and build low cost quality houses in urban settings. He built homes in urban neighbourhoods with schools, offices and other amenities in the vicinity and rented them to people below the market rate. With increasing number of satisfied families, Western Rim Properties became the most sought after properties of the Texas region.

Marcus Hiles showed the spirit of a true entrepreneur since his early days

A self-made man, Marcus Hiles always believed in hard work. Son of an inner city minister, he was not born with a silver spoon. Since childhood, he was taught to work hard and make all efforts to follow his dreams without compromising on his principles. He earned his Bachelor’s degree from Rice University followed by his Masters degree in Business Administration from Pepperdine University in California. After graduation, he returned to Texas to build a huge business empire from scratch. He agrees to have faced financial problems in the initial years. As a struggler he had to sleep on the floor of a friend’s house and even had problems paying wages to his staff. But his pains and hard work didn’t fail and helped him to build a billion dollar worth of Real Estate Empire.

Marcus Hiles contributed as much as he gained from the society

A philanthropist by nature, Marcus Hiles donated funds for numerous causes including aids for education and college grants, charities to women’s shelter programs, children’s hospital and art programs. His greatest contributions include $1 million to support K-12 education and another $1 million to sponsor higher education.

Marcus Hiles is a true inspiration for the upcoming businessmen. With thousands of contended customers, he aspires to expand his Real Estate Empire with newer homes and innovative ideas each year.

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