Western Rim Properties: Company Philosophy

It is critical to founder Marcus Hiles that his companies stay true to their missions and residents. In order to achieve this he created these steadfast principles to guide their decisions.

Providing the finest housing choices in the best locations at the lowest possible cost. Providing a great work environment where everyone is treated with respect and dignity. Diversity is embraced as a way of life. Only the highest standards are applied for construction, purchasing and customer service. The goal is to have excited, happy and totally satisfied customers. Contributing positively to the neighbors environment. Profitability is valued as an essential requirement for current and future success.

All apartments are designed with absolute respect for energy conservation and for the environment. Apartments have additional weather stripping, reflective TechShield sheathing in the attic, dual pane low-e windows and state of the art cellulose sound insulation and roof insulation that exceeds R100 depth. Air conditioners with programmable thermostats allow customers to use 30% less energy. Concrete streets are poured which reduce the use of oil based products such as asphalt.

The standards of Western Rim Properties exceed others in the industry to ensure comfort in extreme weather conditions. Conserving natural resources is an important goal for the company and this is achieved through continuous community efforts, training staff and other recycling programs.

Marcus Hiles and Western Rim Properties donate fully improved park land to the general public. They also plant trees at a greater rate than any government development requirement. Trees beautify, reduce the temperature of the earth and break down pollutants. They also provide oxygen for the air we breathe. Marcus’s goal is to increase the average tree canopy rate from pre-developed state company wide. Hiles planted 3153 trees last year and over a decade will approach 25000 trees in suburban Texas.

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