Western Rim Properties: Charitable Donations.

Marcus Hiles, the founder of Western Rim Properties, has an honourable background of giving to deserving charities. His substantial charitable work has been focused on the following areas.

marcus hiles

Western Rim Properties has rehabilitated and improved parkland wildlife areas and then given them to the general public to experience. These donations are valued to be worth over US$4million.

In addition, Hiles has paid for the construction of two two churches, with a third one on the way. He has contributed towards the creation of K12 education grants, both public and private. He has supported career services and job placement at a national private university.

Marcus Hiles has provided annual funding for nearly 20 years for disadvantaged women’s programs, total donations over US$600,000.  He has donated over US$250,000 towards inner city school programs as paying $100,000 for new computers for inner city children. Marcus gave US$30,000 to a children’s hospital in North Texas. US$100,000 was given for music and symphony programs.

Most of these gifts were anonymous and not declared as charitable donations. Few tax deductions were taken although this would have been permitted under IRS rules.

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