The Challenges that Face a Young Entrepreneur in Texas: Marcus Hiles

Every entrepreneur faces a variety of challenges. From financial difficulties to employee issues and legal threats to their business, entrepreneurs are constantly trying to stay out of trouble. For entrepreneurs, Texas is no picnic. Marcus Hiles knows first-hand about some of the challenges young business owners face on a daily basis and he faced those challenges head on.

Marcus Hiles founded of Western Rim Property Services began his journey to success as a young, hard-working college student at Rice University. While he didn’t struggle academically, Marcus Hiles struggled with finding the right people to connect with.

His Sales Acumen Helped Him the Most

While having a conversation with someone is very simple, effectively networking and selling yourself is a whole different subject. Every day, Marcus Hiles spoke with a variety of people at the university and at various development companies who he thought could help him gain access into the real estate market. After years of searching for the right person, he succeeded when he attended Pepperdine University as a graduate student. He immediately went to work for a small real estate development firm and worked his way up to the top.

While networking is one of the most difficult aspects of starting a company, Marcus Hiles attributes his success to his ability to sell anything, even himself. During college, he talked his way into many different real estate offices just so he could sit down for a brief interview with a sales manager. After gaining enough experience in the real estate field, Marcus Hiles decided to go out on his own: He gathered his research, his connections and moved to Texas. He is now known as the man who founded Western Rim Property Services in 2004.

The Challenges Continue for Marcus Hiles

As with any other business owner, the challenges continued for Marcus Hiles after he started his company. In the company’s first few years, Marcus Hiles needed to find property as fast as possible so that he could start building his communities. He searched for months before he was able to buy a property that he thought would suit his business well.

Now, after more than a decade of business and service to the people of Texas, Marcus Hiles and Western Rim Properties is a huge success. The company manages more than 20,000 residential units across Texas and is worth billions of dollars. Even with all this success Marcus Hiles will never forget the days when he had to struggle for every penny he made.

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