Success Of Responsible Entrepreneur

Marcus Hiles son of an inner city minister inherited many qualities from his father. We can call it like father, like son. Marcus Hiles is kind hearted charitable and of loving nature. A quality that we mostly don’t find in business entrepreneurs. With a bold dream in his mind Marcus Hiles set out in the world to make a difference. At the age of 28 he founded his own real estate firm – Western Rim property services, which is currently one of the leading and largest real estate developing firms in Texas. At the beginning, many of the Rivals of Marcus D.Hiles thought his dream and ambitions to be just a joke, but He proved them wrong. With his hard work and aim of the betterment of society, Marcus Hiles and his company Western Rim property services not only survived economic depression and recession in the year 2008 and 2012 but also help too many people and other companies survive, and paved their way to the Glory and success which they are right now.

Marcus earned his bachelor degree in Business Administration from Rice University and Masters in Business Administration from Pepperdine University. It was very necessary for him that he put education and hard work to good use. After moving back to his home in Texas he never forgot his fathers work and kind-heartedness. Following his footsteps established a real estate development firm. On the way to success, Marcus Hiles did face many problems but he never gives up and now after so many successful projects he has established a top notch real estate firm and has earned an image of one of the most successful and charitable business entrepreneur among the people.

Today Marcus Hiles has built properties that are luxurious and in prime locations. Unlike many other real estate development firms, Marcus Hiles does not charge an absurd amount of money to his customers. He mainly believes in building properties for general working class families and for those who does not have a place that they can call home. And that’s what he is famous for, building luxurious, affordable and magnificent houses that provides all amenities like nowhere else. Other than his charitable nature Marcus Hiles has also shown his competitors how making customers happy by bring down the cost prices of the real estate for customers but still earning a substantial amount of profit. That is, instead of hiring any middleman real estate agents, he and his company took a bold initiative that is “to do it all by himself” which involves building their own property keeping an eye on the construction finding your own tenants managing the construction and administration of the properties. Using this bold method, Marcus Hiles was able to cut short cost of its properties, making it available most of the general public. After this his determination of doing something better did not stop. Substantial part of the profit he earned is donated by Marcus Hiles for education and providing people in need and also provide roof over their head.

Marcus Hiles has always intended in putting everything he has got to better use. He has shown the great qualities of a leader to which all people look to and also shown all other businessmen and entrepreneurs that even if they become wealthy and powerful it should not impair their responsibilities towards the society. Like every American dreams, Marcus has truly achieved new heights of success and earned a huge fortune with his hard work and business and is now giving back to the people.

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