Marcus Hiles is The Top Real Estate Developer of Texas

There is no denying the fierce competitiveness of the real estate development market in the state of Texas. However, one name has begun to be considered as a leader and even a trendsetter. That person is Marcus Hiles who has become famous for the posh homes that he has developed and manages under the auspices of his company, Western Rim Property Services. In fact, his company is the owner, developer and manager of more than 25000 premier homes, apartments and residential communities in the regions of Houston, Austin, San Antonio, Fort Worth and Dallas in Texas.

The Best Experience of Its Class

There is one primary characteristic that has helped set Western Rim Property Services apart from other real estate development firms in Texas. This characteristic is their focus on developing housing solutions of world class quality which even the most discerning of clients will appreciate. Irrespective of their location, customers find that the amenities, comforts, conveniences and features offered by these homes surpass all the other residences in the vicinity. Marcus Hiles fills a gap in the market with luxury residences.

Another unique characteristic of this company is their attention to detail. All homes developed by this company have the highest quality materials used in their construction. In many of the homes developed by Western Rim Property Services get the benefits of genuine marble in the baths, stainless steel for the appliances, a granite countertop for the kitchen and even an 80 ounce plush carpet. Customers have come to love and appreciate these small details which have been painstakingly implemented by the company. That is why they keep choosing the residences designed and developed by this company over all the others in the market.

The Career of Marcus Hiles

Marcus Hiles: meet the CEO of Western Rim Properties who came across his calling when he was in the MBA program at the Pepperdine University which is located near Los Angeles in California. However, his career really started when he shifted to Dallas after the completion of his studies. When starting his career in real estate development, Marcus decided to focus on a particular segment of the market which was not being given attention by the other companies.

People, during those times, were in search of luxury homes but they did not want to take on the responsibility of managing a large home. Others wanted to improve their lifestyles through their home. Therefore, Marcus began his journey of providing the homes that these customers desired by creating affordable homes that had the best of luxuries on offer.

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