Marcus Hiles is Building the Best of Texas: Luxury Apartments and Custom Homes

For years, the people of Texas and the rest of the country were searching for a different type of life. They were tired of traditional condominiums and single family homes. Many of the older developments were located far away from essential amenities yet still required outrageous prices. This all changed in 2004.

In 2004, with a lot of hard work and dedication, Marcus Hiles founded Western Rim Properties. Connect with Marcus Hiles on Linkedin to find out all about his vision for Texas: To provide the highest quality homes in the best locations with the best amenities at the lowest possible price. Over a decade later, Marcus Hiles and Western Rim Properties have succeeded in providing a better future for families in Texas while building a multi-billion dollar portfolio that contains tens of thousands of residential units.

The Future is Bright for Future Homeowners in Texas

Those who live in Texas can look forward to a bright future, especially if that future includes buying their dream home. For the last decade, Marcus Hiles and Western Rim Properties have been slowly expanding into all areas of the state, providing a better alternative to mainstream properties that are on the market. This means that homebuyers could finally end their search for a home with better amenities because Marcus Hiles had answered the call.

As the Chairman of Western Rim and Mansions Custom Homes, Marcus Hiles has the ability to change the lives of so many people in his home state and across the country. Thousands of prospective homebuyers will continue to flock to custom homes and apartments built by Marcus Hiles for years to come because they know he truly cares for their well-being and comfort level, and that they’ll get the most value for the least amount of money.

A Successful Real Estate Career for Marcus Hiles: Giving Back to his Community

Marcus Hiles truly believes that every hardworking American deserves the best in life. He also believes that, like himself, the wealthiest Americans have a responsibility to take care of those who are much less fortunate.

One of the biggest parts of his successful real estate career is philanthropy. Every year, Marcus Hiles gives millions of dollars to a variety of non-profit organizations within the community. From inner-city schools to organizations that help domestic violence victims, numerous people benefits from the charitable donations of Marcus Hiles, true philanthropic and business leader.

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