Marcus Hiles: Get Featured in Texas Realtors News

Meet the Couple: Marcus and Nancy

When you are doing great in your chosen field, it is hard to not get good publicity. Good publicity is exactly what powerhouse couple Marcus Hiles and Nancy Hiles are getting. Over the years, Nancy and Marcus have gained popularity among the citizens of Texas because of their exceptional work. The couple has been running their own company, Western Rim Properties, for more than a decade now and they are getting even more and more successful as the years pass by.

Marcus Hiles: A Good Influence to His Staff

Nowadays, it can be hard to get a good boss. It is hard to find a boss who is understands his employees. Marcus Hiles, however, is very commendable in his line of work. Marcus makes sure that he has a good working relationship with his employees and staff since a good relationship with his employees and staff is one of the largest factors to the company’s success.

One of the most commendable things Marcus has done for his staff happened when he was just starting his real estate company, Western Rim Properties. Because Marcus didn’t have much money when he first started, he had to make some sacrifices to keep the company up and about. One of his greatest sacrifices is having to sleep on the floor of his friend’s apartment just so he could make sure that his staff gets their money on time.

Nancy Hiles: A Great Business Partner and a Loving Wife

The chemistry between Marcus and Nancy is undeniable. The two of them met when they were still studying as undergraduates in university and they have stuck with each other ever since. Nancy helped Marcus with building Western Rim Properties by sharing sums of her savings so that it could be used as a capital. Nancy makes sure that she supports Marcus every step of the way and acts as his helping hand in running the company.

Featured in Texas Realtors News

Because of all the great things Marcus, Nancy, and their company, Western Rim Properties, have done for the people of Texas, the couple regularly gets featured in the website of Texas Realtors News. The website not only features their business and their company but also their other endeavors such as their support for the environment and other charitable causes.

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