Marcus Hiles: Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

At first glance, Marcus Hiles seems like any successful realtor: he has a huge empire that is expanding every year; he offers luxury living accommodation and he is a billionaire. There is however, more than meets the eye. This particular realtor is a self made man, who has made profits by selling luxury living at below industry rates to Texans who would otherwise find such rates hard to come by. This is the brand that Hiles has carved for himself in Western Rim Properties.

The Life of a Real Estate Mogul: Marcus Hiles and Western Rim Properties shows us what someone who is dedicated to his cause can achieve. Through his dedication and perseverance, Marcus Hiles has made the dream of luxury living a reality for thousands of Americans. His homes are known for their luxury amenities and designer fixtures, right from real hardwood floors, attached garages, granite kitchen countertops, stainless steel kitchen appliances, marble baths with jetted tubs and 80-ounce carpet. These homes bring to the tenant a sense of resort style living in prime locations across Texas.

Western Rim Properties are located on prime real estate, overlooking lakes, jogging trails and shady parks all so as to wow the tenant with a phenomenal living experience so that they take pride in their community and their environment. Marcus Hiles’ has worked hard and has succeeded in his dream to make affordable living a reality for the ordinary American citizen. Having come from a middle class family, himself, he worked his way through college to develop prime properties and make them available to the average citizen.

Dallas Billionaire Marcus Hiles has stayed true to his roots. He is known for his philanthropy and huge donations made to several charities, especially those that aid women and children. He has contributed towards the building of children’s hospitals, women’s help programs, and the sponsoring of higher education for the less fortunate and even making huge donations of a million dollars at a time to worthy causes. Most of these contributions total millions of dollars that he spends without blinking, because he is a humble man who realizes the importance of giving back to his community.

Hiles is both an entrepreneur and a philanthropist who is setting the path for other young real estate business owners and showing them that to be profitable does not necessarily mean charging a high cost for properties, or depriving citizens of luxuries that should be their privilege.

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