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Marcus Hiles Continues Supporting Fellow Christians

Real estate developer, Marcus Hiles is making Dallas news with his exceptional property development business, Western Rim Property Services. Over the past couple of decades, Western Rim has made large strides and has continued to make Dallas news due to its luxury homes and unique affordability. For such high quality homes, most would expect prices to be out of their price range. On the contrary. In fact, Marcus Hiles has set out to make his luxury homes affordable for hardworking American families.

Marcus Hiles endeavors have created a billion dollar business, as well as supported education and art programs in Dallas and beyond. He is also an avid supporter of his fellow Christians. Marcus Hiles was not always a successful businessman and, in fact, grew up in a typical lower-to-middle class family. His father who was an inner city minister, demonstrated what qualities make a good Christian. Through his father’s guidance and teachings of always having a strong work ethic, Marcus Hiles imparted those aspects in his youth by giving back to his community and fellow man. Never forgetting his Christian moral upbringing, Marcus Hiles carried his father’s legacy in both business and charitable obligations.

Marcus paid for the construction of two churches, with a third currently in the planning stages. The cost of such projects are about $3 million. By giving Christians a place to worship is part of giving back to his fellow Christian community and providing worshipers with hope and faith. He has also donated millions of dollars to education programs, disadvantaged women’s programs, and children’s hospitals.

But providing homes to working class families, at costs that are very reasonable, shows further how Marcus Hiles’ Christian morals are reflected through his real estate business. In many typical cases, real estate developers pocket all of the profits. Instead, Marcus Hiles focuses on each of his properties, making them ideal for his tenants. For instance, he has installed modern amenities with cutting-edge technology such as infinity pools, and spas. He has taken the time and resources to put in golf courses and wooded areas so residence are closer to nature.

Today, Western Rim Property Services has over 7,500 properties and homeowner’s associations, a worth of more than $1 billion in assets. This is all due to Marcus Hiles’s vision, strong work ethic and principles, and overall generosity.

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