Marcus Hiles- a great man who did so much for the people

Marcus Hiles, the man who needs no introduction, is a force to be reckoned with. The Texas based real estate investor, the CEO and founder of Western Rim Properties created a business empire through his sheer dedication and hardwork. He successfully implemented his business idea of luxurious homes for everyone at affordable prices. He offers housing in his communities well below market rate, and makes sure to provide properties close to top schools, work areas, and community resources. His housing is literally the entire package: beautiful design, luxury, community and affordability.

Hiles put himself through college, achieving first his Bachelors degree at Rice University, and then later his Masters in Business Administration at Pepperdine University. During the initial days of his startup Western Rim Properties he faced tough times. During these days In order to make ends meet he had to crash on a friend’s floor. However, he persevered and within a few years the company started to rise tremendously and after this there was no looking back. Today his two companies Western Rim Property Services and Mansions Custom Homes in Dallas, Texas have estimated value in the billions of dollars.His companies have over 7,500 properties spanning Texas.

His unique life perspective has led him to build in the cities, not the suburbs. His properties are highly sought after offering affordable housing in urban areas which keep homeowners close to their jobs, excellent schools and a tight knit community. Several of the properties have infinity pools, golf courses, woodlands and spas. Most of the properties also have lush clubhouses, full fitness centers and cafes. All these great successful projects have made Marcus D. Hiles and the Western Rim property services one of the leading real estate development companies in the Texas market, which is currently more than 1 billion dollars.

Marcus Hiles, is truly a legend. During recession times , when most of the companies where laying off workers, Hiles lended a helping hand to those who required jobs. With each new property he built came thousands of jobs and provided income to those who badly needed it. Without him,most of these workers would have been jobless and the real estate market would have required many more years to recover.

Marcus Hiles properties are the solution to all those who want an luxurious living within reach and easily affordable. He will continue to be a successful businessman while doing everything in his power to improve the life of Texans.

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