How Marcus Hiles Came To The Limelight?

Marcus Hiles is the real estate entrepreneur whom the Texans know very well. Besides being the face of the real estate revolution in the state, he is also the philanthropist, who has worked and contributed to improve the standard of living in the state of Texas. He is also the professional who made sure that the beloved people of his state are getting properties worth the money they are spending.

Early Life of Marcus Hiles

Marcus Hiles is the son of a minister in an inner city school. He belongs to a middle class family. His parents taught him to be patient and diligent to achieve his goals. His goal of making it big in the real estate world was never out of his sight. He made sure that he achieves his goals of providing luxurious living at affordable costs to the people of his community. With his aim of providing the real estate property for the benefit of the society, he formed the Western Rim Properties. It is through this organization that Marcus continued his philanthropic activities. He is the professional who took the responsibility of improving the lives of his people. After completing his masters’ in the business administration from the Pepperdine University, he went on to form the real estate company Western Rim properties.

Before forming the real estate company, he did extensive research on the real estate market of the state of Texas. He found out that there is a high demand of real estate properties that are complete with all the amenities and facilities. He also felt that the people of his state deserve much more in terms of real estate properties as compared to what they were getting at that point of time. He wanted to improve the situation and construct homes that are worth the value they are sold at.

Marcus D Hiles, CEO of Western Rim also provided donations to those students of schools and colleges who would have otherwise left their studies for lack of financial help. Those students consider Marcus Hiles to be their real hero who helped them to complete their education and to improve their lifestyle. Hiles also provided special grants to those students who fared exceptionally well in their exams. Moreover, the real estate giant also encourages the students to do higher studies. But the life of Marcus Hiles was not a smooth one. He had to sold houses, raise funds, and finalize property deals alone to be able to spend money in various developmental projects.

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