Growth Is Continuous for Marcus Hiles And Nancy Hiles

Marcus Hiles, Founder and CEO of Western Rim Property Services, originates from humble beginnings; he grew up in a middle class family of rather modest means. However, his journey towards becoming an icon in the real estate industry is inspiring. On earning his Master’s degree, he soon envisioned the path that would lead to realizing his dream of enabling ordinary people to afford to reside in beautiful, verdant communities with high-end amenities that ensure only the best quality of life. Marcus Hiles has seen continuous growth throughout the years, both in himself as an entrepreneur and philanthropist as well as in the stellar success of his real estate company.

In accordance with his personal philosophy and energetic disposition, Marcus Hiles serves not only as Western Rim’s CEO but also plays an active role in all aspects of the day-to-day running of the business. His direct involvement routine affairs ensures that the ethics and principles underpinning the philosophy on which the company is based are strictly adhered to at all times. Through Western Rim Property Services, Hiles has reached his number one goal; namely, to build the highest quality homes in top locations across Texas while maximizing views and signature amenities in superior school districts.

Marcus Hiles built a company that is unique and different all in its own way. Unlike other property management organizations, Western Rim handles all affiliated companies under one name. From expansion and land management to seeking out and contacting their costumers, everything is handled by the company with immense care for the community and for the environment. Marcus Hiles set a remarkable and enviable model that completely removed the role of the third party; consequently costs are reduced, which makes luxurious, designer crafted homes more affordable to the average American family and single professional. Hiles is a well reputed philanthropist who is known for his generous donations. But his journey didnt stop at philanthropy; he continued to grow and extend his entrepreneurial goals and missions with the same dream. He started from scratch, worked tirelessly at building up his company over the years, and now he is arguably the the most successful real estate icon in the entire State of Texas. Growth is certainly continuous for Marcus Hiles; today he has properties worth more than $1 billion and his momentum shows no sign of slowing down.

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