Developing a Future for Texas: Marcus Hiles

For Marcus Hiles a property developer, the journey to success began before he entered college. He had always maintained an interest in real estate and had surrounded himself with individuals with similar interests.

Once Marcus Hiles entered college, he focused his studies on business, investing and real estate development. He was able to make the right connections with powerful people in the real estate industry in order to prepare himself for a career in property development.

2004: The Beginning of His Real Estate Evolution

While Marcus had a keen interest in real estate for years, it wasn’t until 2004 that he was actually able to realize his dream.

A major turning point in Marcus’ life occurred in 2004 because he founded Western Rim Properties, a real estate development and management firm that would eventually change his life forever. Through his new company, Marcus was able to begin his real estate evolution.

Through his new company, Marcus Hiles has turned his vision of a better life for Texas into reality. With a portfolio of over 10,000 different residential units under its management, Western Rim Properties has helped improve the lives of countless families and individuals living within their communities.

Marcus provides a variety of amenities to those who live in developments he manages. Over the course of a decade, Marcus has invested heavily in recreational facilities, medical and dental offices, hair salons, fitness clubs, pools, playgrounds, walking paths and more. To ensure maximum enjoyment and convenience, many of his properties are located near golf courses and within some of the best zip codes in the state.

Continued Development for Years to Come

While Marcus Hiles a property developer has experienced great success in Texas, he is currently planning on expanding his business interests.

Western Rim Properties has the resources it needs to continue the development of residential communities across the country. While he has spent most of his time within the state of Texas, Marcus Hiles has a dream of expanding his development to other areas of the United States. Marcus believes that his vision of prime residential units built in prime zip codes combined with superior amenities have the potential to attract thousands of new consumers each year.

The properties of Marcus Hiles will not only provide a superior lifestyle for countless people across the country, but they will also be able to afford this type of lifestyle without struggling to pay the bills every month.

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