Dallas Mastermind Marcus Hiles Makes News

Marcus Hiles is the mastermind behind the success of the Dallas company, Western Rim Property Services. He is known in the real estate development and property management realms as a leader and downright business guru. His Dallas empire stretches all across the Lone Star state and are some of the most in-demand properties on the market because they possess high-end luxury homes and state-of-the-art amenities.

IMG_1028Today, the Dallas real estate icon has over 7,500 properties and shows no signs of slowing down. Marcus is worth more than $1 billion in assets. Before this all happened, He grew up in a lower-to-middle class family and his father was an inner city minister. He taught little Marcus the meaning of hard work and dedication and instilled in him a good work ethic. He was also taught that education was important.

So, Marcus went to school, earning a Bachelors at Rice University and then a Masters in Business Administration at Pepperdine University. By the time he was 28, he moved back to the Dallas area and began working hard on Western Rim Properties. Times were tough. He remembers how difficult it was to pay staff and he even remembers sleeping on the floor of a friend’s house in order to make ends meet. But the voice of his father rang through and he worked hard each day.

Marcus Hiles believed in giving back to the community, so he set out to provide luxury homes for the working class families who often struggled. He cut out middle management and didn’t contract to expensive third party services to oversee his properties. Marcus Hiles dug in and did it all himself, from building and construction, to marketing, to managing his own properties.

This saved him and the company a lot of money so he was essentially able to lower the prices of his homes. He even had amenities built that were modern with cutting-edge technology, such as infinity pools, spas, gyms. cafes, woodlands, clubhouses, and massive golf courses. By 2008 Western Rim Property Services was so popular tenants demanded they build a website to keep them apprised of all the new and upcoming developments.

Marcus D. Hiles has been able to do what others in the industry have no. He has even been able to generously give to those in need. He has given to education programs, women’s programs, art and music programs, and children’s hospitals all across the state.

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