Marcus Hiles- a great man who did so much for the people

Marcus Hiles, the man who needs no introduction, is a force to be reckoned with. The Texas based real estate investor, the CEO and founder of Western Rim Properties created a business empire through his sheer dedication and hardwork. He successfully implemented his business idea of luxurious homes for everyone at affordable prices. He offers housing in his communities well below market rate, and makes sure to provide properties close to top schools, work areas, and community resources. His housing is literally the entire package: beautiful design, luxury, community and affordability.

Hiles put himself through college, achieving first his Bachelors degree at Rice University, and then later his Masters in Business Administration at Pepperdine University. During the initial days of his startup Western Rim Properties he faced tough times. During these days In order to make ends meet he had to crash on a friend’s floor. However, he persevered and within a few years the company started to rise tremendously and after this there was no looking back. Today his two companies Western Rim Property Services and Mansions Custom Homes in Dallas, Texas have estimated value in the billions of dollars.His companies have over 7,500 properties spanning Texas.

His unique life perspective has led him to build in the cities, not the suburbs. His properties are highly sought after offering affordable housing in urban areas which keep homeowners close to their jobs, excellent schools and a tight knit community. Several of the properties have infinity pools, golf courses, woodlands and spas. Most of the properties also have lush clubhouses, full fitness centers and cafes. All these great successful projects have made Marcus D. Hiles and the Western Rim property services one of the leading real estate development companies in the Texas market, which is currently more than 1 billion dollars.

Marcus Hiles, is truly a legend. During recession times , when most of the companies where laying off workers, Hiles lended a helping hand to those who required jobs. With each new property he built came thousands of jobs and provided income to those who badly needed it. Without him,most of these workers would have been jobless and the real estate market would have required many more years to recover.

Marcus Hiles properties are the solution to all those who want an luxurious living within reach and easily affordable. He will continue to be a successful businessman while doing everything in his power to improve the life of Texans.

Success Of Responsible Entrepreneur

Marcus Hiles son of an inner city minister inherited many qualities from his father. We can call it like father, like son. Marcus Hiles is kind hearted charitable and of loving nature. A quality that we mostly don’t find in business entrepreneurs. With a bold dream in his mind Marcus Hiles set out in the world to make a difference. At the age of 28 he founded his own real estate firm – Western Rim property services, which is currently one of the leading and largest real estate developing firms in Texas. At the beginning, many of the Rivals of Marcus D.Hiles thought his dream and ambitions to be just a joke, but He proved them wrong. With his hard work and aim of the betterment of society, Marcus Hiles and his company Western Rim property services not only survived economic depression and recession in the year 2008 and 2012 but also help too many people and other companies survive, and paved their way to the Glory and success which they are right now.

Marcus earned his bachelor degree in Business Administration from Rice University and Masters in Business Administration from Pepperdine University. It was very necessary for him that he put education and hard work to good use. After moving back to his home in Texas he never forgot his fathers work and kind-heartedness. Following his footsteps established a real estate development firm. On the way to success, Marcus Hiles did face many problems but he never gives up and now after so many successful projects he has established a top notch real estate firm and has earned an image of one of the most successful and charitable business entrepreneur among the people.

Today Marcus Hiles has built properties that are luxurious and in prime locations. Unlike many other real estate development firms, Marcus Hiles does not charge an absurd amount of money to his customers. He mainly believes in building properties for general working class families and for those who does not have a place that they can call home. And that’s what he is famous for, building luxurious, affordable and magnificent houses that provides all amenities like nowhere else. Other than his charitable nature Marcus Hiles has also shown his competitors how making customers happy by bring down the cost prices of the real estate for customers but still earning a substantial amount of profit. That is, instead of hiring any middleman real estate agents, he and his company took a bold initiative that is “to do it all by himself” which involves building their own property keeping an eye on the construction finding your own tenants managing the construction and administration of the properties. Using this bold method, Marcus Hiles was able to cut short cost of its properties, making it available most of the general public. After this his determination of doing something better did not stop. Substantial part of the profit he earned is donated by Marcus Hiles for education and providing people in need and also provide roof over their head.

Marcus Hiles has always intended in putting everything he has got to better use. He has shown the great qualities of a leader to which all people look to and also shown all other businessmen and entrepreneurs that even if they become wealthy and powerful it should not impair their responsibilities towards the society. Like every American dreams, Marcus has truly achieved new heights of success and earned a huge fortune with his hard work and business and is now giving back to the people.

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Marcus Hiles Continues Supporting Fellow Christians

Real estate developer, Marcus Hiles is making Dallas news with his exceptional property development business, Western Rim Property Services. Over the past couple of decades, Western Rim has made large strides and has continued to make Dallas news due to its luxury homes and unique affordability. For such high quality homes, most would expect prices to be out of their price range. On the contrary. In fact, Marcus Hiles has set out to make his luxury homes affordable for hardworking American families.

Marcus Hiles endeavors have created a billion dollar business, as well as supported education and art programs in Dallas and beyond. He is also an avid supporter of his fellow Christians. Marcus Hiles was not always a successful businessman and, in fact, grew up in a typical lower-to-middle class family. His father who was an inner city minister, demonstrated what qualities make a good Christian. Through his father’s guidance and teachings of always having a strong work ethic, Marcus Hiles imparted those aspects in his youth by giving back to his community and fellow man. Never forgetting his Christian moral upbringing, Marcus Hiles carried his father’s legacy in both business and charitable obligations.

Marcus paid for the construction of two churches, with a third currently in the planning stages. The cost of such projects are about $3 million. By giving Christians a place to worship is part of giving back to his fellow Christian community and providing worshipers with hope and faith. He has also donated millions of dollars to education programs, disadvantaged women’s programs, and children’s hospitals.

But providing homes to working class families, at costs that are very reasonable, shows further how Marcus Hiles’ Christian morals are reflected through his real estate business. In many typical cases, real estate developers pocket all of the profits. Instead, Marcus Hiles focuses on each of his properties, making them ideal for his tenants. For instance, he has installed modern amenities with cutting-edge technology such as infinity pools, and spas. He has taken the time and resources to put in golf courses and wooded areas so residence are closer to nature.

Today, Western Rim Property Services has over 7,500 properties and homeowner’s associations, a worth of more than $1 billion in assets. This is all due to Marcus Hiles’s vision, strong work ethic and principles, and overall generosity.

Marcus Hiles – Purpose Driven Life

Marcus Hiles life since he was young growing up in central Texas was purposeful. At a very young age, his father instilled a hard working, blue collar mentality in to Marcus. His father worked in the church and he showed Marcus how to be discplined and stay focused.

Marcus Hiles took a step in the right direction when he started studying for Business Management at Rice University. This was a great pillar towards his coming real estate management future. In his twenties he ventured into Western Rim properties, this was his life set purpose because where it started to where it is appears to be a miracle. It’s not a miracle it is hard work, it means sacrifice of time, leisure and other pleasures to ensure that what he wanted materialized. At the time he ventures into Western Rim properties he was not sure of its survival, as business is always a matter of taking risk but with good plans. At the very start things were not very smooth the company met challenges having in mind that it was new in the market, and competition also existed. His dedicated efforts brought back the estate to a growing state. He has an ability to make wise decisions, focus on the future, success oriented, patience all that it takes to achieve greatness.

Marcus Hiles made Western Rim properties flourish in the market having luxurious mansions with favorable prices and well maintained environment. It is now actually a place that a person will never want to miss. It is currently rated as one of the best companies in real estate as per recent research rankings. Western Rim properties currently manages over 20,000 residential units across Texas. It is actually a multi- billion company.

Marcus Hiles having grown up in Texas did not forget to give back to the society. He took a step to offer back by building academic institutions, environment maintenance and many other charity works in ensuring that Texas became a better place to be. In doing this Marcus set an example to other hardworking people living in Texas, not just by actions but also by encouraging them in forums he attended.

Thanks to Marcus Hiles for living up to his purpose in life. He has lived a life with great meaning.  An example to all who want to accomplish their dreams in life.

Dallas Mastermind Marcus Hiles Makes News

Marcus Hiles is the mastermind behind the success of the Dallas company, Western Rim Property Services. He is known in the real estate development and property management realms as a leader and downright business guru. His Dallas empire stretches all across the Lone Star state and are some of the most in-demand properties on the market because they possess high-end luxury homes and state-of-the-art amenities.

IMG_1028Today, the Dallas real estate icon has over 7,500 properties and shows no signs of slowing down. Marcus is worth more than $1 billion in assets. Before this all happened, He grew up in a lower-to-middle class family and his father was an inner city minister. He taught little Marcus the meaning of hard work and dedication and instilled in him a good work ethic. He was also taught that education was important.

So, Marcus went to school, earning a Bachelors at Rice University and then a Masters in Business Administration at Pepperdine University. By the time he was 28, he moved back to the Dallas area and began working hard on Western Rim Properties. Times were tough. He remembers how difficult it was to pay staff and he even remembers sleeping on the floor of a friend’s house in order to make ends meet. But the voice of his father rang through and he worked hard each day.

Marcus Hiles believed in giving back to the community, so he set out to provide luxury homes for the working class families who often struggled. He cut out middle management and didn’t contract to expensive third party services to oversee his properties. Marcus Hiles dug in and did it all himself, from building and construction, to marketing, to managing his own properties.

This saved him and the company a lot of money so he was essentially able to lower the prices of his homes. He even had amenities built that were modern with cutting-edge technology, such as infinity pools, spas, gyms. cafes, woodlands, clubhouses, and massive golf courses. By 2008 Western Rim Property Services was so popular tenants demanded they build a website to keep them apprised of all the new and upcoming developments.

Marcus D. Hiles has been able to do what others in the industry have no. He has even been able to generously give to those in need. He has given to education programs, women’s programs, art and music programs, and children’s hospitals all across the state.

The Challenges that Face a Young Entrepreneur in Texas: Marcus Hiles

Every entrepreneur faces a variety of challenges. From financial difficulties to employee issues and legal threats to their business, entrepreneurs are constantly trying to stay out of trouble. For entrepreneurs, Texas is no picnic. Marcus Hiles knows first-hand about some of the challenges young business owners face on a daily basis and he faced those challenges head on.

Marcus Hiles founded of Western Rim Property Services began his journey to success as a young, hard-working college student at Rice University. While he didn’t struggle academically, Marcus Hiles struggled with finding the right people to connect with.

His Sales Acumen Helped Him the Most

While having a conversation with someone is very simple, effectively networking and selling yourself is a whole different subject. Every day, Marcus Hiles spoke with a variety of people at the university and at various development companies who he thought could help him gain access into the real estate market. After years of searching for the right person, he succeeded when he attended Pepperdine University as a graduate student. He immediately went to work for a small real estate development firm and worked his way up to the top.

While networking is one of the most difficult aspects of starting a company, Marcus Hiles attributes his success to his ability to sell anything, even himself. During college, he talked his way into many different real estate offices just so he could sit down for a brief interview with a sales manager. After gaining enough experience in the real estate field, Marcus Hiles decided to go out on his own: He gathered his research, his connections and moved to Texas. He is now known as the man who founded Western Rim Property Services in 2004.

The Challenges Continue for Marcus Hiles

As with any other business owner, the challenges continued for Marcus Hiles after he started his company. In the company’s first few years, Marcus Hiles needed to find property as fast as possible so that he could start building his communities. He searched for months before he was able to buy a property that he thought would suit his business well.

Now, after more than a decade of business and service to the people of Texas, Marcus Hiles and Western Rim Properties is a huge success. The company manages more than 20,000 residential units across Texas and is worth billions of dollars. Even with all this success Marcus Hiles will never forget the days when he had to struggle for every penny he made.

Marcus Hiles is Building the Best of Texas: Luxury Apartments and Custom Homes

For years, the people of Texas and the rest of the country were searching for a different type of life. They were tired of traditional condominiums and single family homes. Many of the older developments were located far away from essential amenities yet still required outrageous prices. This all changed in 2004.

In 2004, with a lot of hard work and dedication, Marcus Hiles founded Western Rim Properties. Connect with Marcus Hiles on Linkedin to find out all about his vision for Texas: To provide the highest quality homes in the best locations with the best amenities at the lowest possible price. Over a decade later, Marcus Hiles and Western Rim Properties have succeeded in providing a better future for families in Texas while building a multi-billion dollar portfolio that contains tens of thousands of residential units.

The Future is Bright for Future Homeowners in Texas

Those who live in Texas can look forward to a bright future, especially if that future includes buying their dream home. For the last decade, Marcus Hiles and Western Rim Properties have been slowly expanding into all areas of the state, providing a better alternative to mainstream properties that are on the market. This means that homebuyers could finally end their search for a home with better amenities because Marcus Hiles had answered the call.

As the Chairman of Western Rim and Mansions Custom Homes, Marcus Hiles has the ability to change the lives of so many people in his home state and across the country. Thousands of prospective homebuyers will continue to flock to custom homes and apartments built by Marcus Hiles for years to come because they know he truly cares for their well-being and comfort level, and that they’ll get the most value for the least amount of money.

A Successful Real Estate Career for Marcus Hiles: Giving Back to his Community

Marcus Hiles truly believes that every hardworking American deserves the best in life. He also believes that, like himself, the wealthiest Americans have a responsibility to take care of those who are much less fortunate.

One of the biggest parts of his successful real estate career is philanthropy. Every year, Marcus Hiles gives millions of dollars to a variety of non-profit organizations within the community. From inner-city schools to organizations that help domestic violence victims, numerous people benefits from the charitable donations of Marcus Hiles, true philanthropic and business leader.

Developing a Future for Texas: Marcus Hiles

For Marcus Hiles a property developer, the journey to success began before he entered college. He had always maintained an interest in real estate and had surrounded himself with individuals with similar interests.

Once Marcus Hiles entered college, he focused his studies on business, investing and real estate development. He was able to make the right connections with powerful people in the real estate industry in order to prepare himself for a career in property development.

2004: The Beginning of His Real Estate Evolution

While Marcus had a keen interest in real estate for years, it wasn’t until 2004 that he was actually able to realize his dream.

A major turning point in Marcus’ life occurred in 2004 because he founded Western Rim Properties, a real estate development and management firm that would eventually change his life forever. Through his new company, Marcus was able to begin his real estate evolution.

Through his new company, Marcus Hiles has turned his vision of a better life for Texas into reality. With a portfolio of over 10,000 different residential units under its management, Western Rim Properties has helped improve the lives of countless families and individuals living within their communities.

Marcus provides a variety of amenities to those who live in developments he manages. Over the course of a decade, Marcus has invested heavily in recreational facilities, medical and dental offices, hair salons, fitness clubs, pools, playgrounds, walking paths and more. To ensure maximum enjoyment and convenience, many of his properties are located near golf courses and within some of the best zip codes in the state.

Continued Development for Years to Come

While Marcus Hiles a property developer has experienced great success in Texas, he is currently planning on expanding his business interests.

Western Rim Properties has the resources it needs to continue the development of residential communities across the country. While he has spent most of his time within the state of Texas, Marcus Hiles has a dream of expanding his development to other areas of the United States. Marcus believes that his vision of prime residential units built in prime zip codes combined with superior amenities have the potential to attract thousands of new consumers each year.

The properties of Marcus Hiles will not only provide a superior lifestyle for countless people across the country, but they will also be able to afford this type of lifestyle without struggling to pay the bills every month.

Western Rim Property Services: The Towers of Seabrook

This is an exceptional community, inspired by the ultra-modern designs of uptown Houston and surrounded by breathtaking views of the bay area. The Towers of Seabrook was developed by Western Rim Property to create a unique living experience, a home like no other. There are exciting attractions around every corner. There are resort style amenities right outside your door.

Choose to make Seabrook your home, you’ll be minutes away from bay and all it has to offer. Seabrook is home to the third largest marina in the United States. It is perfectly situated between the relaxing waters of Galverston Bay and the thrills of Kemah Boardwalk.western rim property services

Your home within the Towers of Seabrook has been designed to the highest standards, utilising the gorgeous views surrounding it. Marcus Hiles the founder of Western Rim Property Services says that the goal is to provide a higher level of living. This includes high end appliances and sophisticated, modern styling. Your life will be very comfortable and possible. Get involved, visit the Towers of Seabrooks and reserve your place in the community.

Marcus Hiles the founder of Western Rim Property Services and affiliate Newport Classic Homes has clearly defined the principles that guide the organisations. They provide the best housing in the best locations at the lowest possible cost. They create a great working environment. Respecting each other is paramount and embracing diversity is very important. They continually apply the highest standards with regards to construction, purchasing and customer service. It is hugely important to create happy excited customers who are always satisfied. The environment is very important and contributing positively is highly regarded. Always important to work with neighbours on improving the surroundings. Valuing profitability is another key philosophy which has helped company find success. View western rim property services video on vimeo

Western Rims Properties: Opening of Mansions of Rockwell

In 2010 in Rockwell, Texas, members of the Rockwell Chamber of Commerce were present for a ribbon cutting ceremony. They were there to celebrate the grand opening of The Mansions of Rockwell Luxury Rental Townhomes and the Belfiore Salon Day Spa. This was a great day for all involved with music entertainment, hors d’oeuvres, drinks available.

At this event some people were fortunate to win free salon and spa services, fitness center memberships personal training sessions, retail baskets and even teeth whitening services.

Guests were invited to tour the Mansions of Rockwell Clubhouse which features the Belfiore Salon & Day Spa. It includes a 3500 square foot California Health Club. A massive Jacuzzi, dry sauna, steam room, internet café and separate hair with nail salons. The 24 hour California Health Club is stocked with top of the line exercise equipment. A full weights room and personal trainers at your service.

In the spa area there are an extensive array of services including massage therapy, facials, SottoPelle all natural hormone replacement therapy, SottoLingua weight-loss program, Botox, cosmetic teeth whitening services and more. It also includes laser hair removal, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, IPL Skin rejuvenation & Vaser Lipo.

Belfiore Salon and Day Spa is the premier spa in Rockwell County. It serves as an on-site resort destination for residents of the Mansions of Rockwell. It is managed by Western Rim Property Services. Residents of the Mansion receive a membership along with the exclusive privilege of priority reservations to the salon and spa.

The Mansions of Rockwell Luxury Rental Townhouses feature lavish, resort style living and comes with a Grand European Spa Clubhouse, Large Swimming pool, beach volleyball courts, jogging trails and a central park.