Marcus Hiles – Purpose Driven Life

Marcus Hiles life since he was young growing up in central Texas was purposeful. At a very young age, his father instilled a hard working, blue collar mentality in to Marcus. His father worked in the church and he showed Marcus how to be discplined and stay focused.

Marcus Hiles took a step in the right direction when he started studying for Business Management at Rice University. This was a great pillar towards his coming real estate management future. In his twenties he ventured into Western Rim properties, this was his life set purpose because where it started to where it is appears to be a miracle. It’s not a miracle it is hard work, it means sacrifice of time, leisure and other pleasures to ensure that what he wanted materialized. At the time he ventures into Western Rim properties he was not sure of its survival, as business is always a matter of taking risk but with good plans. At the very start things were not very smooth the company met challenges having in mind that it was new in the market, and competition also existed. His dedicated efforts brought back the estate to a growing state. He has an ability to make wise decisions, focus on the future, success oriented, patience all that it takes to achieve greatness.

Marcus Hiles made Western Rim properties flourish in the market having luxurious mansions with favorable prices and well maintained environment. It is now actually a place that a person will never want to miss. It is currently rated as one of the best companies in real estate as per recent research rankings. Western Rim properties currently manages over 20,000 residential units across Texas. It is actually a multi- billion company.

Marcus Hiles having grown up in Texas did not forget to give back to the society. He took a step to offer back by building academic institutions, environment maintenance and many other charity works in ensuring that Texas became a better place to be. In doing this Marcus set an example to other hardworking people living in Texas, not just by actions but also by encouraging them in forums he attended.

Thanks to Marcus Hiles for living up to his purpose in life. He has lived a life with great meaning.  An example to all who want to accomplish their dreams in life.

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