Marcus Hiles – Learning from a Professional

Developing a home is a big job, and developing a community is something that almost cannot be measured. Knowing that you are in the shadow of such responsibilities comes with being in the real estate market, one of the most thriving and constantly changing industries in the United States. The competition is fierce even over such vast ground, and it is not uncommon to see realtors battling for ground in the smallest of communities. Likewise property developers scramble for prime land and the chance to top the buildings of their nearest competitor. What are the most important things to remember in such an intense business? Looking one of the most successful in the country, Marcus Hiles, reveals certain tips about keeping yourself level on such a heated ground of business.

Marcus Hiles found his success with Western Rim Property Services, a property development and marketing company that operates largely in Texas and has found a market in the demand for luxury homes. One of the first things we can learn from Marcus Hiles in his operations with Western Rim is to keep your ear to the community. Being receptive to the market is one thing, but listening out to the customers and their surroundings will bring you the right things to consider when taking your business across the country. Because of this kind of thinking Marcus Hiles has established communities all across Texas of varying sizes and facilities according to the area that they are based. In turn this has drawn a good range of customers who can see that their needs are being catered to.

The next tenet of practice that Marcus Hiles has employed links directly to the latter. Being socially responsible and developing a dialogue with your environment is key to being ethical and to be admired by your customer base. The results that Marcus Hiles has had make it look easy but what does this involve? Making your properties environmentally efficient is number one, and can be easily achieved by engaging with the latest technologies that save energy such as solar powering and efficient water irrigation. Secondly the need for green space is something that everybody recognizes as an environmental boon, and Marcus Hiles has been keen to provide such spaces at his many residencies. The other positive effect of this is a new living space outside of the home that is exclusive to residents and enjoyed by nature at the same time. On the whole it is evident that not being single-minded and stepping out from a one track business plan is the way that Marcus Hiles has made his company so dynamic and so popular with customers across America for many years in a row.

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