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Marcus Hiles and Western Rim properties has helped re define the Texas real estate scene. Marcus Hiles and Western Rim properties has helped re define the Texas real estate scene. Together Hiles and his company don’t not just believe in building luxurious yet affordable housing schemes, they also take care of property management and ensuring resident satisfaction.

Marcus Hiles made it his mission to be a successful entrepreneur while also finding a way to offer a much needed to service to hardworking Americans. With over 7500 properties in and around Texas, Western Rim Property Service has achieved its mission and will continue to grow in the future. For more visit Marcus Hiles Official Account on Twitter Western Rim Properties is built on trust and quality assurance which is different than most companies especially in the real estate business. Marcus Hiles works on the basic need based principals of the consumer. To Marcus the greatest need of the population at the moment is the availability and accessibility of high end, safety assured luxurious housing schemes for a healthy home is the backbone of every successful individual. This is a rare commodity but it is one that Western Rim Property Service provides. The business model that Western Ri Property Services uses is being duplicated by other real estate companies looking for success.

Marcus Hiles works on the simple principal of offering quality lifestyles to working class citizens. Under his leadership has, Western Rim property Services developed over 7,500 properties all around the Texas area that are not only luxurious and affordable but also located on prime localities. They are close to schools, town centers and medical facilities. Unlike many other real estate companies, Marcus Hiles and Western Rim Property Service believes in providing quality homes and apartments to hardworking people and therefore, his prices are fair. Anyone in business with Marcus Hiles knows he is driven not by money but by doing right by the people of Texas. For more on his charitable work visit Marcus Hiles and Nancy Hiles Philanthropy.

The town homes and apartments offered by Western Rim Property Service and newly acquired Mansion Custom Homes offer beautiful properties in the best location through ought Texas. The properties have awesome amenities such as cafes, spas, office buildings, gardens and pools. Many feature fitness centers and some even have a professional golf course built in to the landscape. All of the property locations are safe and make living easy and simple.

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