Live in the lap of luxury at a Western Rim property

Western Rim properties, developed by Marcus Hiles, are made for anyone who wants to live luxuriously without the fancy price tag. Live on scenic manicured lawns; enjoy a luxurious lifestyle and a home that satisfies your heart’s every desire, right here at Western Rim Properties.

Marcus Hiles – Exemplary Model to all real estate businessmen in the Texas area. He has reshaped the face of real estate through Western Rim properties and has made luxury living affordable by all. Only at a Western Rim home can you get the best of all worlds while staying close to your child’s school and your place of work.

You can enjoy a high quality lifestyle at a Western Rim home through the fancy amenities that are on offer. The clubhouses have billiards areas, a spa, a swimming pool and every imaginable luxury that you don’t need but would most definitely want in your home!

Marcus Hiles and Western Rim Properties are making dreams come true every day for the average American. Be the envy of your friends and get a home at Western Rim properties to know what true luxury is like, without suffering a high price for it.

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