Marcus Hiles – Working Towards Better Learning Opportunities For Children

Philanthropic actions including Hiles’ have become incredibly vital in recent years, while the city’s inner-city school districts struggle to overcome a 2011 decision by the state Legislature to cut $5.4 billion in education funding. Schools in low-income, urban communities were affected very much by the cuts where minimal property taxes were unable to compensate for the budget loss. Since that controversial 2011 decision, urban schools have lost an average of 12 percent of their full-time teaching staff, putting students overcrowded and with less personal time with staff. The New York Times ran an article noting that the state of Texas marks 66 percent of students in the Dallas district at considerable risk of dropping out, and Marcus Hiles pushes for the city’s youth to be afforded better opportunities. “For these children hailing from lower income families, a quality education plays a pivotal role in improving social mobility,” explained Hiles. “Kindergarten through 6th grade is essential to the next generation’s success.”

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Marcus HIles Incorporates Planned Developments For Real Estate Success

Marcus Hiles states that planned communities in the United States happened as early as 1565 in St. Augustine. Company towns like Gary, Indiana saw technological innovations and economic fervor during the industrial revolution. The first modern neighborhoods appeared during the Florida land boom of the 1920s across Southern Florida, where the prominent Miami suburbs of Coral Gables, Opa-locka, and Miami Springs were fully planned with vibes to emulate the feel and architecture of Spain, Arabia, and Mexico. During the Great Depression, the US Government constructed model towns in the states of West Virginia, Tennessee, Maryland, Ohio, and Wisconsin, with the goal of easing the burden of the economic downturn on the families of coal miners, construction workers. Remote neighborhoods in Oak Ridge, TN; Richland, WA, and Los Alamos, NM were developed during World War II for the Manhattan Project and the families of the scientists, engineers, and industrial workers. Today, blueprinted cities are thriving throughout the country, in such locations as Washington, D.C., and state capitals in Mississippi, Indiana, Ohio, North Carolina, South Carolina, Wisconsin, Utah, Florida, and Texas.

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Marcus Hiles Creates Solution To Dallas Housing Woes

Western Rim has mastered Marcus Hiles’ vision of breathtaking rental units in the northern suburbs of the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area, residents an abundance of upmarket options. Located in areas that accentuate Texas’s scenery, the Estates, Towers and Mansions brand properties sit within a short commute to downtown Dallas, giving residents both city and suburban conveniences. With the priority of delivering effortless comfort, the Estates 3Eighty in Aubrey features its own park, nature trail and pet-friendly, off-leash dog run. Each of the one- to four- bedroom units is expanded with outdoor living areas and reserved covered parking spots. Renters enjoy a private resort-style swimming pool, high-tech exercise center, and private fitness trainer. For added comfort, there’s even a Starbucks café located on-site.

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Marcus Hiles Offers Resort Amenities With Quiet, Peaceful Homes

Marcus Hiles has built 15,000 upmarket residences throughout Texas, and in each unit, cellulose sound insulation gives renters the luxury of having their personal hideaway from the outside world. While the properties display Hiles’ vision of community-centric features, including shared rec centers and championship golf courses, the developer understands the desire for tenants’ private home life—without any sound interference from beyond the walls of the home. Full depth cellulose is exceptionally successful in its ability to hinder intrusive sound. While most insulation provides only some noise reduction by inhibiting sound from passing through walls or between floors, dense packing cellulose weakens noise by limiting the passage of sound along cavities in each building’s structure. The Cellulose Insulation Manufacturers Association notes that cellulose insulation products have an NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) rating ranging upwards of .80 or higher, meaning 80% or more of the sound with which it comes into contact is absorbed. Its composition is roughly three times more dense than standard fiberglass and affords a vast improvement over all other common types of home insulation.

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Marcus Hiles Delivers Luxury Amenities To Texan Renters

Residents looking for “The Best Place in the City” to call home can turn to Marcus Hiles and his company Western Rim Property Services for affordable luxury complexes throughout the state of Texas. These homes offer a higher quality of life with signature amenities to enhance the apartment lifestyle. Beautiful settings and lavish features entice renters to look beyond the basics for long-term housing.

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Marcus Hiles Says Traditional Roofing Costs You Big

Marcus Hiles points to traditional roofing insulation as a major cause of energy loss.  A roof absorbs the sun’s energy and through doing so heats the air ducts and attic which leads to higher cooling costs.  He suggests using highly reflective radiant barrier roof panels that act to reflect the heat and can reduce heat transfer from the underside of a roof by as much as 97 percent.  He states that implementing this tip can keep your attic up to 30 degrees cooler.

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Marcus Hiles Discusses OPEC Decision’s Affect On Houston Energy Sector

Two months since the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries’ (OPEC) historic agreement to stabilize the market by reducing crude production for the first time in eight years, per-barrel prices have nearly doubled after dropping to a low of $26 in February of last year. In Greater Houston, the heart of U.S. oil production, the deal has accelerated the industry’s recovery from a two-year downturn and spurred local economies. Texas real estate expert and CEO of Western Rim Property Services, the state’s largest affordable luxury property developer, Marcus Hiles predicts that as Houston based energy companies continue to hire and grow in 2017, communities throughout the metropolitan area will see higher employment rates and corresponding wage increases.

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Marcus Hiles Discusses the Benefits of Following Texas Pro-Growth Policies

Western Rim Property founder, Marcus Hiles, says that state policies have led to job growth that outpaces the entire country. Texas attained post-recession job recovery two years sooner than the nation as a whole, and by January 2016 had 1.3 million jobs were added to its pre-recession employment peak. Because Texas’ unemployment rate has been steadily lower than in the rest of the nation — in April, it was 4.4 percent compared to 5 percent nationally — consumer confidence has been strong. May’s Texas Consumer Confidence Index (CCI), that calculates financial optimism through savings and spending habits, was 117.6, in contrast to the U.S. CCI of 92.6. The vigorous economy in the lone star state has also been a boon to the housing market. The current price of homes increased by 5.9 percent over previous years and the number of single-family building permits by 6 percent. Read More:

Dallas Environmental Defender Marcus Hiles On Housing Developments

Dallas Environmental Defender Marcus Hiles On Housing Developments
Dallas Environmental Defender Marcus Hiles On Housing Developments

Green initiatives are the basis and foundation to the vision of Texas Luxury Renter and developer Marcus Hiles. “Creating neighborhoods filled with people living in harmony with nature and lessen humanity’s carbon emission is a responsibility I fully assume,” he said. Head and Chairman of Western Rim, has adapted his view of life into action in over fifteen thousand escalating rental houses and departments in Austin. One base of his environmental friendly building practices is using appliances labeled by the U.S. EPA as ENERGY STAR. Since the program launched in fourteen years ago, Americans’ ENERGY STAR appliance has diminished CO2 production by 283.2 million metric tons as of right now.

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Marcus Hiles Creates Affordable Luxury Complexes in Texas

Nearby amenities vary by location, but Hiles’ complexes are often within easy access of golf courses, nature trails and numerous city conveniences. Spectacular scenery delivers a beautiful backdrop to the apartments with waterways, rolling hills and lush trees creating a relaxing setting. Providing numerous features on-site, residents of these luxury complexes do not have to leave home unless they want to. They have the opportunity to work out with a first-class fitness trainer in a state-of-the-art facility and then enjoy a latte from an on-site Starbucks. The units themselves are designed with elegance and versatility in mind. Crown moldiing, designer kitchen cabinets and elevator access ensure ultimate comfort and convenience for every tenant. Managing and owning over 15,000 units with more in development, Marcus Hiles shows concern for the local environment in every design, incorporating programmable thermostats, energy-efficient roofing, insulation, and windows and other environmentally friendly features into each new development.

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